Long Panel

Long Panel Garage Doors

Reliable and low maintenance, these doors are a neighborhood standard and feature a classic garage door design.

Looking for a new garage door that adds style and functionality to your home? Local Garage Doors offers long panel garage doors that provide the perfect combination of beauty and strength.

Benefits of Long Panel Garage Doors:

  • Woodtone accent colors provide a non-repeating wood grain finish for a unique, handcrafted look
  • Durable steel construction ensures long-lasting performance
  • Adds value and appeal to your home
  • Customizable options available to fit your specific style and needs
  • Low maintenance – no need to repaint or refinish like with traditional wood doors

Not only do long panel garage doors add charm and character to your home, they also offer practical benefits such as improved energy efficiency and increased security. Don’t settle for a generic, boring garage door – upgrade to a long panel door and make a statement with your home’s exterior.

Ready to make the switch to a long panel garage door? Contact Local Garage Doors to book an appointment and start the process today. Simply call 866-337-1631 to speak with a member of our team. We can’t wait to help you achieve the look and functionality you desire for your home.

1. Choose A Garage Door Finish

Standard Colors


Premium Colors

Premium colors shown below are typically special order. Consult with a Local Garage Doors representative for more information.

Desert Tan

Painted Woodtone Colors

For an economical wood-tone option, Painted Woodtones provides a basic wood appearance with an artificial wood pattern repeating every 26”. The below color options are only available in Non-Insulated and Vinyl Back Insulated options.

Classic Woodgrain
Modern Woodgrain

Woodtone Accent Colors

Using digital imaging, Accents Woodtones are steel doors with the appearance of authentic wood. Portray a non-repeating wood grain to achieve the warmth, appeal, and beauty of a handcrafted wood garage door while providing the strength and durability of steel. The below color options are only available in Polystrene and Polyurethane Steelback Insulated options.

Dark Oak
Carbon Oak
Natural Oak

2. Choose An Insulation

No Insulation
1 3/8" Polystyrene
Vinyl Back Insulated
1 13/16" Polystyrene
Polystyrene Steelback Insulated
1 7/8" Polyurethane
Polyurethane Steelback Insulated

3. Choose A Glass

Glue Chip

Window Inserts

Plain Long Panel
Plain Long Panel
Prairie Long Panel
Prairie Long Panel
Sherwood Long Panel
Sherwood Long Panel
Stockton Long Panel
Stockton Long Panel
Madison Long Panel
Madison Long Panel
Cascade Long Panel
Cascade Long Panel
Sunburst Long Panel
Sunburst Long Panel
Waterton Long Panel
Waterton Long Panel
Arched Stockton
Arched Madison

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